• Twan gay porn de Stuntman
    Chuck was the stunt double for Andre Van Du lesbian porn in in Twan the Stuntman.
  • Celebrities
    One of the many celebrities Chuck has worked with, the infamous Dustin Hoffman.
  • Star Trek
    13 seasons as a regular stunt double and performer on the hit TV series.
  • lesbian videos Stunt Coordinator & Stunt Performer
    27 years and over 400 film and TV credits...and counting!


Welcome to Faceplant Film and Television Products International. We gay videos are a full service film and television production company, based in the Netherlands but with close ties to the US market. Our projects range from reality style shows, to high energy game shows, to new and exciting TV shows and feature length films.

Founded by Chuck Borden, veteran stunt coordinator milf porn and film maker with 27 years experience and well over 400 credits to his name, Faceplant has the knowledge and experience to get the job done...and done right.